Mrs. Cabrera is Making More Contact than Miguel

As if it wasn’t bad enough for the Tigers over the weekend, reports surfacing of their star Miguel Cabrera being belligerent drunk on Saturday morning didn’t help. Police received a call around 6 a.m. from Miguel’s wife who said that he had struck her. A lot of people, including myself, jumped to the conclusion that Miguel had beaten his wife in a drunk rage. It has NOT been reported as truth and in fact he was not arrested or charged. The police also determined Miguel and his wife to be the aggressors of the whole situation. No one will know, at least for a long time, what exactly happened that morning but there is some physical evidence on the face of Cabrera that was evident on Saturday night during the game. From the looks of it, we have the old story of: “Guy comes home drunk, woman gets mad, guy says something stupid, woman makes him pay for it” scenario. It looks as if his wife caught him pretty good, multiple times. So I guess Mrs. Cabrera has had better contact than her husband recently. Either way, I’m sure he didn’t really feel it seeing as how he blew a .260 on his blood alcohol test. Who knows, maybe Miguel was trying to beat his .323 batting average?

Apparently this was the second recent brush with the law for Cabrera. At the end of August, police were called to the hotel bar where Cabrera was allegedly trying to fight another patron. The worst part was it was a 16 year old kid with his father. This altercation occurred after a very bad series against the Rays where Cabrera went 1-14. The latest altercation with his wife was after Miguel went 0-11 in the biggest series of the season. I think we are seeing a scary pattern with Cabrera that is all too familiar to athletes. When the pressure is on and they can’t perform, they turn to the booze. Someone needs to have an intervention with him before he hurts himself, his family or his career.

Photo credit: Detroit Free Press

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