More Than a Player


I don’t know how long this video has been up at www.clevelandcavaliers.combut I really like it.  It isn’t like the other LeBron videos that have been dropped on us for the last couple of months.  This one doesn’t have dialog, just clips from the last seven years that LeBron has been a Cavalier.  I got goosebumps when they showed the clip of the NBA Draft Lottery night when the Cavaliers pulled the first overall pick in the 2003 draft, guaranteeing the King would be staying home.  So while LeBron is meeting with the other teams, take 4 minutes to watch this video.  If you’re a Cav’s fan, it’s definitely worth it.  If you’re a Bulls, Heat or Nets fan you can see what to expect if he so chooses to leave Cleveland…


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