Monday's Thunder Links


These links bring the Thunder…

– Browns No Longer Synonymous with Crap [27 Pitches]

– Young Villanova Fan has a Message for You [Awful Announcing]

– Bro Bible’s Ultimate List of End of the Decade Lists [Bro Bible]

– Vernon Davis Hugs Female Fan after Touchdown [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

– Will the Bucs Bring Back Dungy? [Fan Nation]

– Get Your Alabama National Championship Gear; Rain, Shine or Loss [Friends of the Program]

– Current NFL Playoff Pictureand Week 17 NFC/AFC Playoff Scenarios [Midwest Sports Fans]

– Worst of the Decade (Batting) [More Hardball]

– Charlie Weis Reportedly Contacted by the Bills [No Guts No Glory]

– Piss on the NFC East [Rumors and Rants]

– The Redskins not Interested in Being Your “Spolier” [Tirico Suave]

– John Kruk Channels Homeless Santa; Will Soon Chew Turnbuckle [The Sports Hernia]

– Three In a Row! [Waiting For Next Year]

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