2010 Mock Draft: Thunder Treats vs. Kiper & McShay


Many people across this beautiful country that we call home consider themselves football fans. Thanks to television, radio and the internet the NFL’s so called “experts” feed us constant trade rumors and free agent rumblings on a daily basis that they say will improve our team.  But any true fan of the National Football League knows the easiest way to improve your team is through the draft.  This annual New York City event is where fans can get the best idea of how the future of their team will look.  A strong draft should be a strong team for the next few years.  If you find yourself scratching your head on draft day, you may be up a certain creek without some certain nautical hardware.

Several of our writers here at Thunder Treats have filtered through all the pre-draft smoke screens and constructed our own 1st round mocks.  Of course we already consider ourselves experts but we decided to wait until after the first round to declare it officially.  After the draft is wrapped up Thunder Treats will be comparing the validity of our mocks to those of ESPN’s “experts” Mel Kiper and Todd Mcshay.  Once we take down Harry and Lloyd we will then find out who is the Draft Guru from Thunder Treats.

Below is the table with everyone’s, including Dumb and Dumber’s, mock drafts.  Check back on Monday to see who will be named the Thunder Treats Draft Guru.



Results here

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