2010 Mock Draft: Thunder Treats vs. McShay & Kiper: Results

This year, Thunder Treats contributors Sahli, So Cal Shredder, Dinunzio, Jeb and Zwilly took on the so called “experts” on ESPN in picking the best mock drafts.  Now everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to pick the perfect 1st round mock draft but we thought we would give it a shot.  We failed.  The way I will compare the drafts of Thunder Treats contributors vs. McShay and Kiper will be by how many players they correctly predicted drafted by the team they went to.  So if they guess player X was going to go to the Steelers and he did, they will get a point.  It doesn’t matter what number in the draft they were.  Here we go.. 

Zwilly –  10ttvmk

Jeb – 7

Kiper Jr. – 7

Dinunzio –  6

McShay – 6

Sahli – 6

SoCalShredder – 4

Everyone got the first three right, but that’s not really a surprise as they were as close to locks as you can get.  The first trade made brought the 49ers down to pick 10 where they selected Anthony Davis.  Since 5 out of the 7 had him going to the 49ers originally, they receive a point.  After going through the first round we have a winner.  Zwilly made the most correct predictions with 10 out of the 32 picks.  He obviously did his homework, maybe something So Cal Shredder might want to work on.  He landed in the basement with only 4 correct predictions…and 3 were guaranteed.  Ouch.  Kiper landed in the middle of the pack, but let’s be honest, he still sucks.  Congrats Zwilly on smoking the competition.

Just going by picks by their order and not their team, this is how the results came out…

Zwilly – 7

Kiper Jr. – 6

Sahli –7

Dinunzio –  5

Jeb – 5

McShay – 5

SoCalShredder – 3

And finally going by percentage of picks that went in the first round…

Jeb – 84%

Kiper Jr. – 84%

Sahli – 84%

SoCalShredder – 81%

McShay – 78%

Zwilly – 78%

Dinunzio – 72%

Although we didn’t blow the “experts” out of the water with our picks, it’s safe to say that everyone at Thunder Treats has enough knowledge to go on Sports Center and yammer on about the draft.  In fact with these numbers, we can probably charge people to look at our mock’s just like the “experts”.


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