Miguel Cabrera Forgoes Playoff Bonus: ‘I Just Want The Ring’

ESPN reports this morning that while Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer was walking around the club house having his teammates sign the necessary paper work to receive their playoff bonus, first baseman Miguel Cabrera opted not to sign it.

Designated hitter Victor Martinez spoke to Cabrera in spanish to make sure he knew what he was doing. Cabrera reportedly ended the exchange telling Martinez “I just want the ring”.

Scherzer shrugged it off and said “OK, more for us” while he was walking away. Which, if you’re wondering, is exactly what you would expect to hear from someone who turned down a 6 year, $144 million extension only to have that money given to someone else on the team.

Guess who?

That’s right! Cabrera is the two-time MVP who also signed a record breaking contract extension¬†last offseason. With two years remaining on his contract, Miggy got offered an 8-year, $248 million contract extension that brought his current contract to a whopping 10-year, $292 million. Sucks for Scherzer, right?

Nah, he’ll be ok. He’ll probably get Clayton Kershaw money from a big market this offseason.

But back to Cabby.

Last year, the Red Sox players each received roughly $307,000 for their playoff bonus. The year before, the San Francisco Giants players each received a record $370,000.

So what am I getting at?

Remember that aforementioned contract extension that was given to Miggy? That $292 million contract now has Cabrera set to make $360,000 per HOME game for the next nine years.

So while it is noble that he would give up that money, is it really a huge deal?

Nah. Let Scherzer have it.

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