Miami Dolphins Might Have the Worst Promotion of All Time

The Miami Dolphins, for the second time this year, are hosting a free skin cancer screening event at Sun Life Stadium this Sunday.  Partnered with Melanoma Exposed, they screened nearly 200 fans in June.  They hope to double that number this time around.  They will have a team of dermatologists conducting the screenings and encourage everyone to bring their families to the event.  The first 100 fans that get screened will also win tickets to an upcoming game against the St. Louis Rams.

Sweet deal right?

Here comes the sweeter part.

Additionally, three lucky fans from the first screening event will have a chance to win $10,000 if they can kick a field goal at halftime of the game.  However, said lucky fan will have the arduous task of nailing the field goal from 50 YARD LINE.


That’s right folks, the Dolphins are prepared to pony up $10,000 if one lucky fan can do what some NFL kickers can’t even do.  Hit a field goal from 60 yards!  The NFL RECORD is 63 yards and we all saw how shocked David Akers was when he tied it last Sunday.  At the very LEAST the prize should be $1 million guaranteed and a roster spot as the new kicker.

To put this stupid promotion in perspective, Dr. Pepper gave away $123,000 for a fans tuition and all she did was make 7 passes from 5 YARDS away.


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