Maynard and Edgar rematch planned after fighting to a draw at UFC 125

16-UFC-125UFC fans were treated to a hell of a card at UFC 125.  The new year couldn’t have been rung in much better in terms of entertainment.  You might, however, get a different response from Gray Maynard.

Maynard and current Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar met for the second time in their professional careers Saturday night and the stakes couldn’t have been higher.  For Maynard, he was looking to defeat Edgar for the second time while Edgar was looking to retain his belt for the third time.  After round 1 it seemed apparent that Maynard would be getting strapped up by Dana White but Edgar bounced back and took the next three rounds.  The last round was up for debate depending on who you ask.  The judges scored it 48-46 Maynard, 48-46 Edgar and 47-47.  A draw.

During the post fight press conference, both fighters were clearly upset with the draw call but neither obviously would have wanted the loss.  It was announced during the press conference that Anthony Pettis would be getting the next title shot.  This made Maynard visibly upset.  However, during an interview hours after, Dana White told MMA Fighting that there is no way he cannot give Maynard another shot after the perfomance the two fighters had.  He said sometimes you just need a little time to think it over, even though this one should have been a no brainer.

[youtube id=NIl8xQSq0Xs ]

So there you have it, sometime in the near future we will be treated to Maynard/Edgar 3 and the hype will/should be insane.  Pettis, on the other hand, will have to sit by and wait longer for his shot.  Also, I find it funny that Dana White hates referee Steve Mazzagatti.

“Steve Mazzagatti is the worst referee in the history of f*cking fighting”

Below here is the post fight press conference where it is announced that Pettis would be getting the next shot.

[youtube id=hXuF_LLOqHM ]

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