Manu Ginobili Single Handily Shattered a 22 Year Old Stereotype

Back in spring of 1992, Woody Harrleson and Wesley Snipes had a new movie coming out. I’m sure, at the time, they wouldn’t know the impact the movie would have or the cult following it would receive. After all, no one can predict that sort of shit.

However, I’m sure they knew the title of their movie would be the root of a lot of jokes on a lot of courts in America.

White Men Can’t Jump.

That sort of became an excuse for the white boys on the court. If you tried to dunk and got rejected, if you tried and pulled up for a layup instead, you could just shrug your shoulders and say “white men can’t jump” while running back down the court.

San Antonio Spurs’, and 2014 NBA Chmampion, Manu Ginobili took the stereotype made famous 22 years ago and jammed it right back into the Red Box it came out of.

In game five last night against the Miami Heat, Ginobili went have baller and half fullback as his sliced through the lane only to lay a thunderous dunk on Chris Bosh. It was a in the closing minutes of the first half and it was the shot in the arm the Spurs needed to pull away in the second half.


It should also be noted that Tim Duncan can be seen smiling and high-fiving Ginobili after the dunk. When Tim Duncan shows emotion, you know it’s good.

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