Manny Pacquiao can beat your ass, then serenade you

Manny-Pacquiao1I honestly can’t get enough of Manny Pacquiao.  He can do it all.  Politics, punching AND singing.  Although it is a touch weird hearing PacMan remake “Sometimes When We Touch” you can’t deny he is awesome.  In fact, if I had time I would make a montage of all the lock ups he has during his fights to go along with this song, but I don’t have the time and to be honest, I’m not that talented.  All we need now is Pretty Boy Floyd to come out with a rendition of “Heaven is a Place on Earth”.  This way we can have a battle since we know these two will never see the inside of a ring.  Now PacMan can knock you would with his fist and vocal chords.  Enjoy.

[youtube id=ZSnOWiRqX8o ]

H/T: Terez Owens

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