Man Falls From Third Deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium, Hurts Shoulder

In the second quarter of the Buffalo Bills eventual victory over the New York Jets, a fan in the third deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium was trying to slide down what looked to be a handrail of some sort.  Towards the end of his journey, he lost his balance and flipped backwards over the rail, plummeting down on to a fan in the section below.  What is crazy about the entire thing is that CBS, almost certainly unbeknownst to them, caught the entire thing on camera and showed it live.

The unidentified male who fell sustained a shoulder injury while his cushion sustained a head injury.  The police report for the injury will not be available until later this morning but one can almost assume with great certainty that alcohol had something to do with it.


After many fatal accidents around stadiums in the past few years, this man needs to realize just how lucky he is that his shoulder is the only thing banged up. Also, he owes more than one to the person he landed on.  Imagine having someone fall on you from the upper deck…No, thanks.

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