Lindsey Vonn Had to be Airlifted from Mountain During the World Championships [Updated Video]

Olympian skier Lindsey Vonn had to be airlifted this morning after suffering a crash during her super-G  run on the opening day of the Skiing World Championships in Austria.

Her injuries as of right now are unclear but in the slow motion replay of the crash it looks like it was her right leg that was injured.

It should be noted that two other skiers also made mistakes to drop out and commentators questioned whether the race should have started with the shadows beginning to form and the low visibility.



Here is another incredible video, via Bobs Blitz, of Vonn being airlifted to the hospital.


UPDATE via NY Times… Lindsey has, as we speculated, sustained an injury to her right knee.  Vonn’s sister, Laura,  has told NBC that Lindsey will require surgery


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