Like Boise State, Eastern Wash gives field a taste of the rainbow


Eastern Washington has announced plans to install a completely RED playing surface for its football team.

See story here…,216240


This got me thinking. What if some of the big time FBS teams decided to do this.  What could be some of the fun possibilities certain big name programs could install? Here would be some of the crazy rainbow fields I’d like to see across the nation. Check this out…


The Texas Longhorns Burnt Orange Field

Could you imagine? One of the wackiest base colors for a team becoming the color of the field in which they play! Also think about a September Saturday… at high noon… in Austin, the sun beaming off that orange would literally burn the retinas out of opposing teams skulls. Now that’s a home field advantage.


The Oregon Ducks

Autzen has proven to be one of the loudest stadiums in the nation. But what if the Ducks had the same enthusiasm in changing the color of the field, at Autzen, as they do in changing jersey styles and colors.  The Ducks could literally play on a different colored field, every game, that also could  match their jerseys! Yellow, green, grey, white, black, silver the combinations are endless.

The Penn State Super White Out

The Penn State home game “white out” is one of the coolest traditions in college football. They could certainly take it to the next level, by making the field white. It would be like playing on a cloud.


Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Now this would take the University of Hawaii changing their name back to the “Rainbow Warriors” which they changed back in the late 90s. But how cool would it be if the field changed colors every 20 yards and was a rainbow? Don’t know if anyone else noticed, but in my changing of the colors in Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, I stuck to the rule of Roy G. Biv. And who said I didn’t pay attention in elementary school?


Notre Dame and the Gold Standard

The Fighting Irish have famously used gold flaked paint on their helmets. What if they took that paint to the field and gave Touchdown Jesus something really worth putting his hands up over? A field paint using real GOLD!


The possibilities are endless, and I hope to see this kinda thing spread through out, not just college football, but the NFL. Could you imagine the Seahawks with a field colored that crazy electric lime green?!?!

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