Letter to Randy Lerner Part 2

Dear Randy,

It is very evident that you read my first letter and took my advice. You have really put me in the proverbial pickle. You actually gave me what I asked for. This is a very nerve wrecking position to be in. I feel like a golf ball that is about to be struck by Charles Barkley; it’s really hit or miss. As an Ohio sports fan, my job is to complain to the people in power of my favorite sports franchises and tell them why the moves they make are terrible. This makes me look really smart. By giving me what I begged you for, you are setting me up to look real stupid if Mangini fails in Cleveland. Deep down inside, I was hoping you were going to hire the wide receivers coach from West Texas A&M State University. This would have given me plenty of great blogging material and a platform on which I could stand and proclaim how smart and awesome I am. The only upside to this situation is, if Mangini does indeed lead the Browns to a playoff victory, I will look even smarter and you will have no choice but to hire me as a special consultant. In closing, I trust you will read this letter and begin to understand the situation you have put me in.


Jack Potts

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