LeGarrette Blount Post Game Fight

Oregon senior running back LeGarrette Blount doesn’t take nicely to taunting…From anyone. Blount knocked a Boise St. player to the ground after the player had come up and patted him on the shoulder pads. I am sure there were words exchanged as well because BSU Head Coach Chris Petersen came running over to try to defuse the situation. He was too late. As he was pulling his player back, Blount sucker punched him right on the chin. Blount obviously wasn’t kidding when he was quoted in Sports Illustrated as saying that Oregon “owed that team an ass-whuppin'”. Obviously Blount was bound and determined to get his ass-whuppin’ in no matter what. After being escorted off the field, he had to be restrained by the police because he was trying to go after the BSU fans. The fans for crying out loud! I don’t see how Blount will be playing in next weeks game. If he is lucky, he won’t get suspended for the entire season.

Congratulations LeGarrette, you just punched your ticket to the bench. Now, head to www.google.com and find the best anger management they have in Eugene.

And one more thing LeGarrette. How about you punch yourself in the face tonite for your 8 carries for -5 yards. You should have just stayed in the locker room at the half.

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