LeBron's Elbow vs. Brady's Ankle



If you like sports, and odds are you do or you wouldn’t be reading this, all you have heard about the NBA playoffs is how LeBron James has an elbow injury that could hamper the chances of the Cleveland Cavaliers bringing home the cities first Championship since 1964.  There are different stories about this elbow and rumors are flying high right now.  Some reports are saying that this injury is worse than everyone thinks and that he shouldn’t even be playing on it.  Others are saying that it is a bone bruise and a strain and that it can be treated with rest, electric stimulation and maintaining movement.  Three days of rest enough, Doc?  Probably not but it will have to be.  No one teams success in recent memory has been hinged on the health of one player in particular since…well… Tom Brady’s ankle. 


You remember early 2008 right?  The Patriots were undefeated in the regular season and had just beaten the San Diego Chargers when all of the sudden pictures surfaced of Tom Brady in a walking cast.  He had two weeks to rest until the Super Bowl and in that time we saw more pictures of that stupid boot than Lindsay Lohan’s downstairs.  All anyone would talk about was Tom Brady’s ankle.  Had Twitter been as popular as it is right now then, we probably would have been able to follow @TomBradysAnkle just like we can follow @LeBronsElbow.  Although I doubt that Tom Brady’s ankle had as much of a sense of humor as LeBron’s elbow…






Both the situation with Tom Brady and the situation with LeBron are a lot more similar than you might think.  Check out the tale of the tape on these two superstars and see how much alike they really are.




Hopefully the end result is better for LeBron and the city of Cleveland than it was for Brady and the Hoodie.  Brady’s Patriots lost to the New York Football Giants after an amazing catch by David Tyree that kept the drive alive which led to a touchdown reception from Plaxico Burress with only seconds left.  It is considered the biggest upset in NFL history. 


For the Cavaliers, this could prove to be there last shot at a championship with LeBron playing on their roster.  Everyone knows that free agency is looming and a lot of people think that how the Cavaliers perform this postseason will have a direct effect on whether or not the King will leave his castle.  Some seem to think that in order for LBJ to stick around in Cleveland they will have to bring home the hardware.  Some think that no matter what, he will jet for the big market team.  And then there are some that think he will stay at home no matter how the season turns out.  Sportswriters and news outlets have analyzed, re-analyzed and over analyzed everything that has come out of his mouth.  No one knows for sure what LeBron will do just as I am sure no one, at least on the outside of the organization, will ever know how “bad” or “good” LeBron’s elbow is. 


LeBron and Company get back to business in Boston tomorrow night for game 3 of the series that is tied at 1 apiece.  The Cavaliers and Celtics have had 3 days off since game two, however Cavs coach Mike Brown called a practice on Tuesday to hopefully address some issues he saw from Monday night.

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