LeBron James to Switch Numbers in Honor of Jordan

After last nights game against the Miami Heat, LeBron James made a statement no one saw coming. Relax, I’m not talking about the 2010 free agency, but I am talking about his future. LeBron said after the game that he would be switching his number from the historic 23 to his Olympic number 6 in honor of the best basketball player of all time Michael Jordan. Jordan also happened to be sitting courtside along with Scottie Pippen to which the gifted analysts of TNT suggested might be a subliminal message for LeBron to join forces with D Wade. Seriously guys, read a newspaper, read some stats sheets and get your heads in the game so the rest of the nation doesn’t have to mute the TV when you open your mouths. Back to the point, LeBron thinks that no player should wear the number in the NBA and says he’s starting a petition for it.

“He can’t get the logo, and if he can’t, something has to be done. I feel like no NBA player should wear 23. I’m starting a petition, and I’ve got to get everyone in the NBA to sign it. Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”

I totally agree here. No one else should be able to wear it and no one else wearing it right now can even be mentioned in the same breath as LeBron. I think anyone who decides they will not change there number will be seen as a sort of black sheep for the NBA and probably be called out for it on numerous occasions. I’m sure ESPN will also over analyze it as well. This also stinks for those couple people with the LBJ jerseys. It also sucks for the nerds at Nike who will have to come up with another logo for King James.

The decision for James switch to number 6 isn’t really shocking. He has worn it in the Olympics and has been wearing it in practice too. If you remember, Kobe did it a few years ago when he changed from number 8 to number 24 and MJ did it himself when he switched briefly to 45. James explained the significance of the number in saying.

“My second-favorite player was Julius Erving, and he wore No. 6,” James said. “I wore 32 in high school because Dr. J wore it at first. My first child was born on Oct. 6, it’s my Olympic number, my second child was born in June.”

Of course, this all just could be LeBron taking the heat off of his teammate who took a standing tea bag from Dwayne Wade last night. Varejao, we’re looking at you.


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