LeBron James Is #FLOBRON In New Progressive Instagram Spot

LeBron James is a cash cow. Exhibit A would be below where he is in the Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School gym hocking affordable insurance from Progressive dressed as their popular spokeswoman, Flo. Flo thinks LeBron should switch up his chalk toss for a glitter toss. King James isn’t very responsive.

This is a wise move by Progressive. By using their Instagram account for their first #FLOBRON commercial, they are using the free power of the internet, which is probably all they can afford after paying LeBron.

Glitter's like chalk, if chalk were fabulous. #FloBron #switch

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I’m sure the LeBron James haters will LOVE to comment on this video, which is fine. To each their own. I’ll just ask them to recall another great NBA player that dressed in drag for the sake of an endorsement…


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