LeBron James Arrives in Miami


Well, “The Chosen One” has officially left Cleveland and has arrived in Miami.  We know this and have proof because the douche bag had his people call the paparazzi so they could document his 3:00 am arrival.  You read that right.  How much of a self righteous fart face do you have to be in order to call the paparazzi on yourself?  He must have thought he wasn’t getting enough attention.  I don’t know, but I am sure that anyone who has followed LeBron as long as myself can agree that something has changed.  Something is different with LeBron.  He seems more hungry for the “celebrity” status than the “elite player” status.  Perhaps it has been everyone blowing him over this entire free agent process.  Whatever the case is, I just don’t see the same player.  I knew something was up as soon as I heard him say that he was looking forward to not being expected to score 30+ points a night. 

Remember when Michael Jordan said the same thing?

Remember when Michael Jordan left to play with Magic, Malone and Isaiah?

Me neither.

More pics at Media Takeout

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