Laurence Maroney mixes drugs and firearms

laurence-maroneySt. Louis Rams running back Laurence Maroney was arrested last night in the ‘Lou for possession of marijuana and unlawful use of a weapon.  He was arrested after police observed Maroney and 5 other people smoking what they believed to be marijuana.  They were right.  Once they busted the car they found three firearms inside.  Maroney does have his permit to carry a concealed weapon but he was arrested while under the influence of drugs in which case it does not matter if he had a permit or not.

A nice twist to the story is that Maroney’s lawyer is saying that he was “unlawfully arrested for possession of weapons”.  He added that Maroney was not arrested for drugs and was released without being charged with a crime.

So how was it that he was in a car with 3 guns and weed and did not get charged with anything?  Somethings up in the ‘Lou…

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