Larry Johnson to Sign with the Bengals

I certainly thought it might take teams a little longer to pick up Larry Johnson, but if I had to guess which team would be the first to take a swipe at him it would have been the Bengal’s. It really isn’t surprising since their back on top running back Cedric Benson was injured on Sunday against the Steelers. He is supposedly en route to the Cincy right now. He is also expected to sign sometime today barring any breakdowns in talks. So, to be clear, as long as Larry doesn’t open his mouth he should be a Bengal by sunset. I would tell him to stay away from Twitter and any other means of speaking his mind as it hasn’t helped much in the past. The Bengals have said that Benson will be able to go this Sunday when they play the NFL’s version of a high school team in the Oakland Raiders. If they can add Johnson to the roster they might as well let Ced rest this week…hell, they might as well rest all the starters this week.

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