Boston Morning Radio Host Kirk Minihane Calls Erin Andrews A ‘Gutless Bitch’

Cohost of a popular morning show in Boston, Kirk Minihane, had some serious words for Fox Sports sideline gal Erin Andrews. He was responding to her awkward interview with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright she had in the dugout during last nights All-Star Game.

Wainwright made a comment to a reporter that he threw Jeter easy pitches on purpose. Which he probably did, but whatever. Andrews then followed up with the pitcher and in a very serious, awkward interview, he claimed he was joking and it was taken the wrong way.

Andrews wrapped up the interview by saying “Don’t you just love social media?”. Even though, while he was getting skewered on Twitter, social media really had nothing to do with that fact that he was throwing intentional meatballs to Jeter.

Well Kirk Minihane has had about enough out of Andrews and reeled back and let her have it after they played the audio of the interview.

“What a bitch! I hate her! What a gutless bitch! Seriously, go away. Drop dead. I mean, seriously what the hell is wrong with her? First of all, follow-up. Second of all, the guy admitted he did it. He admitted it. He told reporters he threw a couple of pipe bombs. How is that social media’s fault? I hate her. I seriously hate her so much. Social media is the reason she has a big house! Shut up. Shut up. I shouldn’t call her a bitch, I’m sure she’s a nice person.”

You hear Minihane toward the end of the video say under his breath “I’m gonna get in trouble for this”.

No doubt, but I’m sure a lot of people shared his sentiment.

Here’s the interview between Erin Andrews and Adam Wainwright.



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