Kid Runs onto the Court During Cavs vs Heat with a Homemade Shirt

Perhaps the most interesting part of the fourth quarter of the Cavs vs Heat, besides the Cavaliers folding like a lawn chair, was probably the white boy who sprinted onto the court wearing a homemade white tee asking LeBron to return to Cleveland.

We miss you, 2014 come back


Of course you could also argue that the comeback from being down 27 points to win their 24th consecutive game was more impressive, but that is neither here nor there.

The kid is going to fuel ESPN First Take tomorrow, I can feel it.  Get ready for all the talk about LeBron to Cleveland in 2014.  Maybe they will even refer to the kid as the “Prophet”.  Whatever your take, you can’t deny the Cavaliers would certainly benefit from the King coming back.  And to those of you who say he wouldn’t be welcome… Of course he would!  What, are you going to root against him while he is on your team?  Get real.

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