Kelly Pavlik Charged with Theft After Stiffing a Cab Driver

Former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik was charged early Wednesday morning with theft after exiting a cab and not paying his $25 fare.  According to the this report, Pavlik was at a local bar when he called for a cab for a ride home about 2:30 am. After the cab driver dropped him off at his home at around 3:00 am, Pavlik told the driver “I’m not paying, go f*ck yourself”.

The driver then called the police as Pavlik went into his home.  He was charged this morning with petty theft and his arraignment will be on Friday for the first-degree misdemeanor.

Kelly Pavlik spents 60 days in rehab in 2010 for his addiction to alcohol and a lot of people attribute his use to the end of his boxing career.  In 2012, Pavlik was charged with drunk driving after crashing an ATV near his home.  That charge was later reduced.

It’s safe to say that Kelly Pavlik is learning from his past mistakes.  Instead of getting behind the wheel, he decided to call a cab and that is commendable.  Maybe next time, he can take another baby step and actually pay for services rendered.  The time after that, take another step and tip the driver.

Before we know it, Kelly Pavlik will be a functioning part of society.

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