UPDATE: Kelly Pavlik arrested for DUI, released on bond

pavlik2Don’t call it a comeback! No really, don’t.

Kelly Pavlik has been in the news recently because of his bitter split with his long time trainer Jack Loew.  Well he made headlines again this morning after being arrested at his home in Canfield, Ohio and booked on charges of driving under the influence, failing to stop after an accident and failing to maintain control of his vehicle.

Pavlik was released on bond around 2:00 am. 

There aren’t any more details available at this time but looking at the charges I would say that Pavlik was drunk, hit something and didn’t bother to stop, hence getting arrest at his house.  Just a guess though.

This arrest comes just weeks after Jack Loew cut ties with Pavlik after he said he couldn’t control the fighter outside of the ring.

If you’re really quiet you can hear Jack Loew laughing his ass off right now.

According to WYTV in Youngstown, Pavlik alledgedly crashed his ATV into his neighbor’s property.  His neighbor then called police which led to his arrest.

Pavlik allegedly hit a lamp post and a telephone pole in his green ATV before driving it back to his house.  When police arrived on scene, Pavlik’s friend, Daniel Ferreri, tried to take the fall (God only knows why).  Pavlik then intervened by screaming obscenities at the officers.  Ferreri eventually admitted that Pavlik’s was the one driving the ATV.  Ferreri was arrested as well for obstruction of justice.


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