Justice Served


Mark Daryl Becker was found guilty of first degree murder this morning for the slaying of Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas.  The jurors rejected Becker’s plead of insanity after hearing the testimony that he had walked into the high school weight room of Parkersburg High School and shouted “F*ck you, old man” and walked out screaming about the devil.  The jurors did take 25 hours deliberating this decision on a trial that lasted 14 days.  The sentencing date has not been set but Becker will likely face life in prison.  During the trial, Becker was portrayed by the defense as mentally ill and him shooting the coach was the only way to protect himself from what he described as the “devil tyrant”.  The prosecution, though agreeing that he was delusional, portrayed him more as a calculated killer that planned the death of Ed Thomas.  Insane or not, this lousy excuse for a human being will spend the rest of his life in a cell.  I hope this can finally bring the closure to a family, a town and a team that deserve it more than anyone.  Rest in peace Coach Thomas, finally.

source: USA Today

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