Police Called To J.T. Barrett’s Home For Disturbance With Girlfriend

Police in Columbus were called to the apartment of Ohio State University quarterback J.T. Barrett early Tuesday morning.

They were responding to a reported disturbance between the injured quarterback and his girlfriend, identified as Alexandria Barrett-Clark.

Per ABC News 6 in Columbus:

In the report, Barrett says a woman identified as his girlfriend — Alexandria Barrett-Clark — refused to leave his apartment after he asked her to do so. Barrett says she “ran at him and pushed him.”

Barrett says Barrett-Clark hit him. In the report, he say he pushed her awy [sic] in self-defense, which caused her to fall to a bed. Barrett says he again asked her to leave. Agan [sic], he says, she refused.

Barrett-Clark says she told Barrett that she would leave in the morning.

She told police that Barrett confronted her in his bedroom and “choked her on the bed.” She said Barrett used his forearm to apply pressue [sic] to her neck before taking her phone away from her.

Barrett-Clark told police she managed to get away from Barrett and call police.

Witnesses say they heard arguing but saw no fighting between the two.

Police say that neither Barrett or his girlfriend had any visible injuries and that both refused medical treatment at the scene.

Police declined to make any arrests and no charges were filed. Columbus PD will hand this incident over to the prosecutor’s office.


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