Johnny Manziel to Win the 2012 Heisman Trophy Award

Ten times.

Ten times in a row, has predicted the Heisman Award winner.  They are insanely accurate with their and today they have released the winner based on their predictions.  They base the prediction on what they find when searching for voters who have talked about who they voted for.  From their website:

Really, it’s quite simple. In 2012, there are 928 official voters for the Trophy. 870 of them are sportswriters, 58 are living former winners, and there’s one fan vote. Many of those voters will publicly declare their votes – in print, on TV, on the radio, on the net – and if we count enough of them, we’ll know who the winner will be.

They have declared Johnny Manziel to be the next Heisman Award winner.  They say he has 81% of the possible points thus far, meaning Johnny Manziel is 81% of the way to gathering a unanimous first place selection. 

Although this is the earliest the website has ever released their findings, I find it hard to believe they would post this without being 99% sure.  They are basically staking their reputation on it.  If it were there first or second year, I might just brush it off.  But seeing as how they have predicted correctly 10 times in a row, I find it hard to ignore them.

 Of course we will still all watch the pageantry that is the Heisman Trophy Presentation, but don’t be surprised when Johnny Football is giving a speech as the first ever freshman to win the award.

At least it wasn’t Tebow.

Here are their top 5 predictions…


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