Drinks Thrown At Johnny Manziel In Houston Nightclub

Johnny Manziel and friends were out over the weekend at Dekan Nightclub in Houston when some patrons began shouting at the Cleveland Browns quarterback.

According to a Jay R. from Sticky Promotions who was with Manziel that night, people were shouting at him and aggressively trying to take pictures while they partied.

Whatever the hell that means?

Manziel, after becoming frustrated, decided to give flip off the hecklers who wouldn’t leave them alone. After that, the drinks started to fly and Manziel and his friends were forced to leave the nightclub.

“I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there,” Jay R says.

They went back to their hotel and changed and Jay R contacted the club, who informed them that they had removed the trouble-making customers.

Manziel and his crew ended up going back to the club without incident.

Also, we can assume John Football was with his smoke show of a girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, based on this Instagram pic of them with Jay R.

Houston fam on fleek

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I should be on True Detective or some shit, right?

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