John Harbaugh Was Awesome on David Letterman Last Night

Super Bowl winning coach John Harbaugh appeared on David Letterman last night and, I think the Ravens organization can agree, he did a lot better than his quarterback Joe Flacco at the beginning of the week.  John revealed that he thought of the two, Jim was the favorite.  However, he did conclude that the baby sister, Joanie, was the favorite.  No, Joanie isn’t a coach, but she is married to Tom Crean, the head coach of the University of Indiana men’s basketball team (who just got knocked off last night by The Illini).  Talk about a family having a type, right?

The coach was relaxed and funny but I think my favorite part was when David Letterman was giving him his sendoff.

Ladies and Gentleman here is your Baltimore Raisins–Ravens Super Bowl Champion head coach John Harbaugh


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