John Daly tees one up…on David Feherty's face

I would trust John Daly with a handful of things.  For instance; partners in beer pong, being the last leg in a beer waterfall, keg tossing, gambling of any sort and your basic philandering of women.

There is also a much longer list of things that I wouldn’t trust John Daly with, like; a child, being the designated driver, money or generally anything else an adult could be responsible for.

With that being said, David Feherty has to be out of his f*cking mind to let John Daly hit a tee shot off his mouth.  The only person I would consider let hitting a ball off my mouth (har har) would be Tiger Woods.  And that’s be a Pre-Stripper F’in Tiger.

Somehow, some way, Feherty didn’t lose most of his face.  Check out the video below.

[youtube id=H0xSxwGrZPI ]
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