Jimmy T heads to Afghanistan

Last Thursday, May 28th, Coach Jim Tressel joined 5 other coaches as they set off for Afghanistan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to visit military personnel. Jimmy T showing his class once again. Their tour will last 8 days. This is the second year for this program, but the first for Coach Tressel. The graduation of his daughter held him out of the tour last year. The other coaches in attendance are Mack Brown from Texas (yuck), Rick Neuheisel from UCLA, Houston Nutt of Ole Miss, Troy Calhoun from Air Force and the former coach of Auburn Tommy Tuberville. This presents a great situation for Jim Tressel. Not only can he go visit the Buckeye faithful overseas, but he now has a chance to push Tommy Tubs:
A.) Out of the Airplane
B.) Into the line of fire
C.) Onto a landmine

Any of these three would suffice seeing how Tommy T doesn’t think the Buckeyes are worth the dirt they (used to) play on. If anyone remembers back a couple months, Tuberville made some interesting comments about the Buckeyes. While pushing for a playoff Tubs was quoted as saying:

“Ohio State would have finished fifth in our league and they’re ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll,”

Wah Wah Wah. Quit being a whiney tit. The last time Auburn played a Big Ten team it was the Wisconsin Buzzcuts in 2005 and they lost 24-10. So eat it Tubby. I used to be a big fan of the Auburn Tigers and I think I might still because it seems as though Auburn came to their senses and gave Tommy the boot.

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