Jim Tressel is NOT stepping down from Ohio State

JIM_TRESSELToday I received a lot of great gifts.  One gift came in the form of a text message.  It read:

“reports that Tressel will step down after the Sugar Bowl”

That gift, I would like to return.

From what I can tell this “breaking news” was first reported by a website called Sportstales.com.  This site is full of bad pop up ads and by reading their content you can tell they do not have the brightest staff.  For instance, they referred to Terrelle Pryor as “Prior”.  I mean, the entire first paragraph is a run on sentence.  C’mon man.

The Sports Tales website allows anyone to publish their content, no matter who they are.  They use a service call Triond to do so.  In the video for Triond they even say “You can submit any kind of content to Triond”.  They go on to say that they will post your content on the most relevant website according to the topic of your story. 

Triond Intro from Triond on Vimeo.


Triond Intro from Triond on Vimeo.

Basically, who ever wrote this “content” was obviously interested in stirring up some controversy before the bowl game.  I put the word content in quoatations because if you actually read what they wrote, you will see where I am coming from.  The author talks of Tressel releasing a statement last night announcing his retirement.  There is another red flag.  Who releases a statement at night on Christmas Eve?  Also, if Tressel did in fact issue a statement, how did it not get picked up by ONE SINGLE MAIN STREAM MEDIA OUTLET? 

To get this straight, I am supposed to believe some hack writer from an overly sketchy website that publishes “any kind of content” they receive was given this information before, days before, ESPN or even The Ohio State University.  Other websites reporting this as “news” are ChicagoNow.com and The Bleacher Report.  Chicago Now is just feeding off of Sports Tales, which shows their credibility.  As for the Bleacher Report, there content is known far and wide to be absolute dogshit on a daily basis.

Nice try guys, but Jim Tressel isn’t going anywhere.

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