Jim Mora Super Bowl Predictor



   Like many football fans I do not have a serious rooting interest in either the Saints or Colts, but I do like both teams and have been struggling with figuring out which team to root for in Super Bowl XLIV. I like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees equally, and overall I like the way both teams play. So while procrastinating at work, ie… bouncing around youtube, I came across two of my favorite post game coaching rants. Jim Mora’s “Diddley Poo” and  “Playoffs!?” rants.  The fairly obvious observation was made that Mora in fact has coached both the Saints and the Colts.

   So I figured why not allow my personal preference of the two rants decide which team I’ll root for Sundy. Lets call it the youtube equilivance of a coin flip. Mora had many famous and hilarious rants in his time of being a head coach. None more popular then these though.  I wanted to go back and get some back ground on Mora and the rants themselves. The first thing I noticed was, Mora actually was a pretty darn good coach in the NFL. And probably should be getting some credit for the fact that these two teams are in the Big Game, this year.  Lets start with his tenure with the Saints…


Mora with the Saints:

Mora took over as head coach of the Saints in 1986. The Saints, to that point, had never had a winning season, and had only finished .500 twice.  In 11 seasons with the Saints, Mora had a 93-74 record, made the playoffs 4 times, and formed the famed “Dome Patrol” line backing corp. While he certainly shouldn’t get credit for the current roster, or any of their achievements, Mora does deserve the recognition of being the man who changed the culture of losing for the Saints. And more importantly helping owner Tom Benson keep his promise that the Saints would remain in New Orleans.  In his final season there, after a 19-7 loss to the Carolina Panthers (a loss that moved the team to 2-6), Mora gave a post game rant that is now know today as the “Diddley Poo” Rant…


[youtube id=zX4ox7aX_wc ]


Mora with the Colts:

In 1998, Mora took over as head coach in Indianapolis. He made the playoffs two times, in  4 seasons. With a 32-32 record. And while Bill Polian deservingly gets the majority of the credit in personnel moves made during that time, Mora was the coach of the team that drafted Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James, and Reggie Wayne.  In 2001, after a loss to the 49ers, the Colts dropped to 4-6. Mora was none to pleased about the offensive effort in the game, and during the post game press conference a reporter asked Mora about the teams chances in making… the playoffs.


[youtube id=-oSFYxDGKy8 ]


Their you have it. Two awesome rants by a coach totally off his rocker following a brutal regular season loss.  So after watching both numerous times in a row (honestly what was I gunna do, work? haha) I came up with this… In the Saints rant, Mora says the team got its ass kicked 3 times, says the word “sucked” 3 times, and refers to the teams effort as horse shit twice.  In the Colts rant, Only says “sucked” once, says the performance was disgraceful, and drops a “friggin” bomb.

I find the Saints rant to be more fiery and displays a coach who is really pissed off and losing his lid.  And because of that I say Diddley Poo trumps all and the New Orleans Saints will beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl! Because of pure Cajun Rage!

Hey its as good a way to pick a game as any…


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