Jason Kipnis Gets Doubled Up, MLB & YES Network Give Credit to Derek Jeter Without Him Touching the Ball

It’s getting old. Just like the Yankees short stop himself.

Every city Derek Jeter —  and last year Mariano Rivera — goes to, he is lauded over and given gifts because it is his retirement year. Pretty stupid idea if you ask me.

Yes he had a great career. Leave it at that. He’s your opponent. Act like it.

I had pretty much gotten over the #2 Retirement Tour until last night’s game when Jason Kipnis was involved in a double play.

He was on first base and bane-of-my-existence Asdrubal Cabrera came to the plate. As soon as the pitcher was committed to home plate, Kipnis was off and running on a straight steal. His head was down and he was scooting hard.

AsCab, who I’m assuming can read the signs, should have known this but instead swung and popped it up in foul territory. By the time Kipnis realized this, he was already around second base. It was an easy double play.

What the YES announcers and MLB.com will tell you, though, is that the whole double play happened because Derek Jeter gave a half-assed fake out attempt and Kipnis fell for it hook, line and sinker. What you won’t hear them mention is that Kipnis was stealing second.


Does the MLB really believe that Jason Kipnis would take off running like that on an infield fly ball with one out? They also glossed over the fact that he took off running before the pitch reached the batter.

If they didn’t have their collective heads so far up Derek Jeter’s ass, they would have seen this for what it is…

Asdrubal Cabrera sucking at his job once again.

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