Jacoby Jones Was Pure Entertainment on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night [VIDEO]

I really wanted the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl because I cannot stand the Balitmore Ravens (Browns Fan).  And even though I hate the Ravens with every fiber of my being, I have to say that Jacoby Jones is an absolute beast and got robbed of the Super Bowl MVP trophy (Although he doesn’t think so).  In addition to being a beast and returning a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown and a place in the record books, he went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and was highly entertaining.  The interview turned especially comical when the topic of the lights going out on the Super Dome came up.

Jimmy: Now the lights went out not long after that [kick return for a TD]

Jacoby: I didn’t care! I was tired! I was on the sidelines, like throwing up, and the lights went out and I was like ‘Yes!’. It was like 3rd and 12 and I had to go catch a punt and I was on the sidelines gagging.

Check out both videos below.



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