Is this the start of the Braxton Miller era at Ohio State?

braxton-millerFirst of all, Miller got that tattoo while enrolled in high school, so don’t even start with the speculation!

Today, we got word out of Columbus that 5 Ohio State football players would be suspended for the first 5 games of the 2011 season for accepting improper benefits.  All of the Buckeye faithful held their breath as the names were announced and became trending topics on Twitter.  Among the suspended were DeVier Posey, Daniel Herron, Mike Adams, Soloman Thomas and Terrelle Pryor.  All of the players are crucial to this football team and losing one of them would hurt the Buckeyes chances of winning, but losing all five really hurts.  According to reports though, all 5 WILL be eligible to play in the Sugar Bowl in January against Arkansas.

The first thing that came to my mind was Braxton Miller.  Miller is the stud quarterback Jimmy T landed from Huber Heights, Ohio.  He is a dual threat quarterback much like Pryor except some people have said he was better than Pryor this year, while he was still a senior in high school.  Miller is said to possess one of the most coveted arms in the 2011 recruiting class.  His arm is stronger and more accurate than what we have seen from Pryor over the last three seasons as well.  Though Miller is smaller than Pryor he still stands at 6’2” and shouldn’t have a problem seeing over the lineman.

Things are more than likely going to be blown out of proportion over the next 6 months or so about this whole ordeal.  Did they do something wrong?  Absolutely.  Should they be punished? Absolutely.  Five Game? Eh, one or two maybe.  The simple fact is that these players still have another option.  That being the NFL draft.  It wouldn’t be surprising for them to declare for the draft next month seeing as how they will miss almost half of their senior year.  I know that fans that are in touch with Ohio State recruiting aren’t too worried about the possibility of losing these guys to the NFL because of the talent Tressel has coming in.  I have to agree with them.  Think about having to watch Terrelle Pryor for another whole season.  It wasn’t the prettiest thing I have ever seen.  Maybe it’s time for a change at Ohio State?  Maybe this was a blessing in disguise?  Or, maybe, we can just kiss a national championship bid for 2011 goodbye.  However it pans out, it should give us all a nice topic for the 8 months we have off.

Braxton Miller.  Get to know the name folks, you will more than likely be cheering for him next season…Unless Tressel wants to go with…gulp…Joe Bauserman.

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