If Your Team Isn’t In The Playoffs, You Should Be Rooting For The Cubs

Hell, even if your team is in the playoffs, you should be rooting for the Chicago Cubs.


Because Back To The Future Part II predicted this scenario way back in 1989 when it was released. In the movie, Marty McFly reads a holobillboard (holographic billboard, duh) that congratulates the Chicago Cubs on winning the 2015 World Series.

So obviously, this is going to happen, right?

The Cubs have had a fantastic season by any measurable baseball metric. Going 97-65 is not only commendable, but should normally be good enough to clinch your division weeks before the end of the season. However, because nothing is easy for the Chicago Cubs, ever, they had to play their guts out until the last out of game 162.

The best part is, despite all those guts being played out, they still ended up in THIRD place in their division. The Pittsburgh Pirates managed to win one more game than them and finish second at 98-64 and secure home field for the one-game Wild Card playoff game between the two.

For comparison sake, the only other team in Major League Baseball to have a better record than the Cubs or the Pirates was the team that finished ahead of them in their own division. The St. Louis Cardinals finished with an impressive 100-62 record.

To say the Cubs have had a hard road to the playoffs would be the understatement of the year. Besides two of the best teams in baseball in their own division, they also have to deal with their curse. If Marty McFly and his sweet DeLorean can’t pull the Chicago Cubs out of this forever funk they have been in, then I don’t know what can.

Screw that goat, it’s time for the Cubs to make their run.

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