Hubbard High School (OH) Football Player Darnell Tate May Have the Catch of the Year

During last week’s matchup against the Poland Seminary High School (OH) Bulldogs, the Hubbard High School (OH) Eagles wide receiver Darnell Tate (Sr.) made one of the best catches of the year. I may be biased since I’m from Ohio but before you go thinking that, I went to Poland. So there.

This was a matchup of unbeaten teams that ended up going in the Eagles favor after overtime.  At first, it doesn’t look like anything special, but when you see the slow motion replay, you will see just how outstanding this catch is. Below is the description from YouTube from local news station WKBN in Youngstown.

One of the most acrobatic catches we have seen in a long time on Friday night (October 21, 2013) during the MyYTV Game of the Week. Third down and seven with 7:15 left in the game. Hubbard Eagles (Ohio) leading the Poland Bulldogs (Ohio) 24-14. Ball on the Hubbard 15 yard line.

Hubbard’s Brennan Wassil #7 barely gets the pass off against the Poland rush.  Darnell Tate #1 initially bobbles the catch and as he starts to roll, the ball trickles down his legs.  But Tate secures the ball between his legs as he rolls, then brings it in to his chest to complete the grab for a 30 yard pass play.


The commentators in the booth were Chad Krispinsky and Ralph Sandy. I don’t know which one made the call, but it smells like an Emmy to me. Awesome job, Darnell, I’m sure we’ll see you playing on Saturdays next year.

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