How to Make Brett Favre's Decision Easier

I have lost count how many times Brett Favre has retired and the turned around and came back to play.  I don’t really have a problem with it but more so a problem with the endless coverage and how he leaves his coaches, teammates and fans in limbo.  I don’t know about anyone else but for me it seems there is one obvious thing that Brett Favre hates.

Training camp.

Instead of offering him more money, which already made clear was not the issue, maybe they can add a new clause to his contract where he is not required to attend all that training camp has to entail.  I know that sounds unfair and is an awful way to build any kind of repoire with the team but the guy has been in the league since 1991.  He obviously knows what he is doing.  Last year he didn’t join the Vikings until August 18th, 4 days after their first preseason game and that season went pretty well. 

I know the argument will always come back to his teammates.  It is unfair for him and no one else to be able to skip parts training camp but wouldn’t it be easier on us all if they did this?  There wouldn’t be anymore debate on ESPN (hard to imagine), his coaches would be able to focus on the team and his teammates wouldn’t be distracted.  He wouldn’t be completely gone from practice but he wouldn’t be required to be

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