How Golf Is Leading The Way In Sports Technology

Each year, we see more and more technology enter the sporting world. But, which sport is making the most out of the readily available technology? Believe it or not, but golf is leading the way at the moment. It utilizes technology in ways that other sports do not. In this piece, we’ve spoken about some of the ways golf uses tech, and how awesome it is for the sport:

Golf Simulators

It’s fair to say that golf is the only sport that makes proper use of virtual reality. You can find golf simulators that put you on a virtual golf course where you can play a full 18 holes. It’s a revolutionary way of training, and some simulators are amazingly accurate. Then, there are ones that aren’t completely virtual in the sense that you don’t have to wear a headset. Instead, you’re faced with a large screen that shows a golf course on it. You’ve then got a real golf ball on a tee, and can swing and hit it into the canvas screen. The simulator tracks your swing and shows the flight of your ball on the screen. It’s like an indoor driving range that can help you practice your swing and get better at the game. There’s nothing like this in any other sports out there. At least, there’s nothing like this that professionals use in other sports.

Golf Gadgets & Apps

Golf is probably the sport with the most gadgets and apps out there right now. In other mainstream sports like soccer, you may have apps that partner a smart ball and tell you info on your shots. In golf, you have apps that can help you adjust to a course a lot better. These work by using GPS signals to figure out where you are and provide details on the hole you’re currently on. There are also gadgets like this called golf GPS devices, as seen on sites like Golf Gear Geeks, which work the same. Then, you have other gadgets that can attach to your club and track your swing. There truly are more gadgets in golf than any other sport. It’s amazing how little pieces of technology can impact your performance too.

Golf Progress Tracking

Finally, golf is making use of technology to help players track their progress and see all of their previous scores. There are devices you can use that will track every shot you make with your clubs and stores the data for you to see afterwards on your computer. You’re able to see all the details of your shots and learn how to improve them the next time you play a course. Also, your scores are recorded too. So, if you switch up your technique, you can see if it improved or worsened from your previous scores on the same course. It’s a great way to use technology in a sport that’s built on improving and making subtle changes to techniques.

As you can see, golf is full of all kinds of great technology that helps make players better. Soon, more and more sports will start using technology to advance their game.

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