High School Football play in Sports Center Top 10 but It Should Be For The Announcer

ESPN’s Sports Center Top 10 is every ones favorite part of the show. Last night’s was slightly different than most when they featured a play from the Ravenna High School Ravens in Ravenna, Ohio.

The play is no doubt awesome, but the commentators are off the charts. Ravenna was down to their last play of the game, down 5. As the quarterback was getting sacked he just threw the ball up behind him, blindly, towards the end zone. Luckily one of his receivers was there to snatch the ball and give Ravenna the win.


The announcers obviously went bananas with one yelling “he threw it bouquet style at a wedding”. True, the play does resemble a bride tossing her flowers, but what was better was his counterparts next line.

“Somebody get that man a groom and get him married!”

Umm? Heat of the moment, I guess. Way to play off each other, guys.

h/t @z4willy



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