Georgetown basketball team fights China

Georgetown’s basketball team got more than they bargained for today when playing a team from Beijing.  Both benches emptied after an apparent dirty foul.  There was some shoving, which is natural, but the Chinese don’t take that shit so lightly.  After Georgetown’s Jason Clark was knocked to the ground, he tried to get away but the perisitent Chinese team pursued him, sparking an all out brawl.


This from a Georgetown message board:

Two minutes into the fourth, they were pressing full court, trapped one of our guards (I forget who it was), and then must have pushed or punched him on the ground after he made the outlet pass, because then there was a shoving match and then a bit of a fight, and then the whole thing set off. He tried to get away as quickly as possible as the Chinese players sort of converged on him, and then benches cleared, and then people on the Chinese bench started picking up chairs. Everyone on the other side of the court started fighting as well. Brawl spread all over the court, and then off the court. After it kicked off it immediately became possible for the crowd to get involved, and then they did. As we tried to get the team off the court, bottles (plastic ones, thankfully) came out of the crowd at the team and everyone left. Security was there (sort of), but it was more equivalent to mall cop-quality security rather than actual security. The Georgetown staff wanted the security to get on the floor, but honestly these guys didn’t have a clue what to do. They escorted the whole alumni contingent out fairly quickly after that. Game over, 64-64 (following another intentional foul).

Oh and by the way, the Chinese police were there but did nothing to break up the fights.  Stay classy, China.

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Photos: Daily Mail
Video: Terez Owens

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