Former Seattle Seahawks WR DJ Hackett Forgot What Super Bowl He Was In

In 2005, there was a pretty controversial Super Bowl, not to mention it was the 40th installment of the biggest game in sports. I remember it pretty well because I hate the Steelers and the ref were really bad.

They were. Stop it.

Anyway, you would think that playing in the game would provide you some memories that would never leave you. Unfortunately for former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, DJ Hackett, he thinks this all happened five years ago.

During a recent episode of Family Feud, Steve Harvey was doing his thing when Hackett told him he was a retired NFL player. He went on to tell him that the giant ring on his finger would have been a Super Bowl ring if it wasn’t for the “cheatin’ referees”.

Harvey looked at the ring and said “oh, it was recent?”, to which DJ Hackett pondered for a moment and then responded with “2009”.


So close.

Perhaps the best part of the entire video is the woman standing next to him who says “‘five” while he is dragging out his “two thousand annnnnnnnd”. Even better, she audibly says “No.” after he says 2009.

I know he didn’t have a huge impact in the NFL, but he did play in Super Bowl XL during his rookie year. Seems like something you might remember.

Also, he has a gigantic cheat sheet on his right hand.

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