Floyd Mayweather Boxing Legacy Grows With Canelo KO Over Khan?

Floyd Mayweather walked away in 2015 as one of the greatest boxers of all-time. He entered boxing a prospect, he left a 49-0, record-breaking, unbeatable legend. His legacy needed no tinkering with. Yet still rumors persist to suggest he will return for a 50th, and final fight. Mayweather beat Canelo Alvarez in 2013, and the Mexican has since been labelled the best there is, always leaving Mayweather with that pride. However, Amir Khan, a man he often avoided, fought Canelo and was dealt a devastating 6th-round knockout, and one that’s strangely enhanced Mayweather’s legacy once again. Although the American fighter, a former world champion, could add more to reputation with another fight, Canelo’s victory did wonders for the fighter, and he didn’t even have to pick up a pair of boxing gloves.

Khan spent nearly 3 years demanding a fight against Floyd, and the US fighter often toyed with him, but opted against it. it’s safe to say that Khan had the speed that could trouble Floyd, but how the fight would’ve panned out, we’ll never know.

Khan often insisted “styles make fights”. With Mayweather retired, he jumped up in weight to fight Canelo, a man known for his deadly KO ability.

Although Khan boxed well for 6 rounds, the bout ended with a deadly right-handed shot that left him on the ground for over 10 minutes. Its safe to say his hands were wrapped rather well and with the best hand wraps on the market. Hover here for more info on wraps. This win was perhaps bigger for Floyd than it was for Canelo.

Floyd is the only man to beat Canelo, and now Canelo has dismantled the man many believed could trouble Floyd, it has done nothing but prove how good Floyd was, and is. Canelo is often the favorite to win his fights, and with lots of movement in this weekend’s betting market, it seems like good things will come from these fighters.

Prior to the Canelo fight, Khan once again called out Floyd. He insisted “I think the Mayweather fight has to happen if I beat Canelo. Styles make fights and I really believe a fight with Mayweather would be easier than a fight against Canelo. Canelo has got that physical strength whereas Mayweather would be like a game of chess.”

He went on to say “I’ve got a massive fight with Canelo in front of me and by winning this fight it would definitely take me on to the biggest fight of my career and a bigger one than the one I’m going to be facing on Saturday.”

However, he was left picking himself up from the canvas. Canelo got the win he craved. Floyd got the justification for never wasting his time on the man they call King Khan.

Khan further added “You’ve got a puncher versus a boxer. You’ve got two different styles and you’ve got the whole world tuning in for this fight. Just walking the Strip and talking to people about the fight helps you understand what this fight is all about.”

While it’s unlikely Mayweather would have KO’ed Khan, he would have put on a boxing clinic, and out-boxed him, much like he did against Canelo.

For anyone doubting his ability, the Canelo-Khan fight once again proves how good Mayweather was, and if rumors are to be believed, how good he still is.

Could he return to the ring, and who will he fight?

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