Floyd Mayweather arrested last night in Vegas

Last night Floyd "Money" Mayweather was arrested while visiting the Las Vegas strip.  Mayweather, a Vegas native, was spotted by a security guard while inside an undisclosed casino.  There was a warrant issued for the arrest of Mayweather stemming from an incident last month after he alledgedly poked a private security guard in the face.  The security guard was patrolling Mayweather's gated community and approached his house in regards to a parking situation.  When the guard lowered his window, Mayweather poked him in the face. 

The security guard that spotted Mayweather last night called the police who took him into custody.  He is being charged with misdemeanor battery and is facing a maximum of 6 months or $1,000 if convicted.  Jail time is highly unlikely as the jails in Las Vegas are overcrowded and, ya know, he POKED A GUY.  Had he punched a guy or knocked him out, I would say that a battery charge was necessary.  However, I will assume that justice is being served until the story developes more.  More than likely he will get a fine and a warning from a judge.  No biggie.

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