Fantasy Becomes a Reality as Fans Take to Sportsbooks for the Impending NFL Season

There’s nothing quite as fun yet frustrating as fantasy football. You spend hours, nay, days slaving over your research, painstakingly drafting a team that you think could do something, and then—often in the first weekend of the season—your team can be torpedoed due to some freak injury, or stubborn coach.

Whether or not you had Ray Rice (3.1 yards per carry, 660 yards in 2013) in fantasy or not, you may be one of the many football fans who are progressing their fantasy football-based gaming towards online sportsbooks. A quick look at some sportbook reviews here shows that the online industry has come a long way, and the experience they provide now can be fun and (if you’ve got a bit of luck) profitable.

Here’s three quick reasons sportsbooks are a great alternative or complement to fantasy leagues.

1.       The Outcome Matters

One of the most absurd elements of fantasy football is how it can affect a Sunday of mind-blowing football action. If you’re following the intricacies of how many catches Owen Daniels has in particular, you stop paying attention to the fact that the man just threw a sweet down-field block to open up a touchdown.
When you bet on a football money line, you are naturally inclined to focus on the same things the players are: which team wins.

2.      Bad Teams Are Irrelevant

Just a reminder: it sucks to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars. They haven’t won more than eight games since 2008, and they won’t this year either. So why are you watching the Jags? Because you drafted Maurice Jones-Drew on your fantasy team.

Having a betting account means you can follow the teams you want when you want, and when a line comes along you like, or a game comes along you want to watch, you can add that extra interest without a passing thought to MJD or his skunky teal jersey.

3.       There’s Money In It

If you’re an every-given-Sunday kind of football fan, chances are you know a thing or two. Getting a wager or two down means you can stand to win a few bucks if you make a savvy pick. Fantasy can pay out too, sure, but let’s be honest: some lotteries can be less random.

Whichever way you go (one or the other, or both) here’s to a great 2014/15 NFL football season ahead.

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