ESPN First Take: Three MLB Teams Don’t Have Black Players, ‘Can Baseball Stop This Trend?’

If you spend a fair amount of time on social media, odds are you have seen the disdain for a few things. One of them, most definitely, is the incoherent rhetoric that is spewed daily on ESPN’s First Take. Usually it’s mostly aimed at Skip Bayless or one of the other talking heads. Today, though, we’re focusing on the Facebook page of the show and how they may be reaching a bit with one of their latest posts.

Yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day. It was the 67th anniversary of Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball and it is a reminder of what this man did for sports in general, not just baseball. However, even though it is safe to say the minorities, not just African-Americans, rule the sporting world in all three major sports, ESPN First Take had to take a special holiday of remembrance and turn it into one of the biggest non-stories, or nontroversies as they have become to be known, of 2014.

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They posted a great picture of Jackie Robinson on their Facebook page with the caption: “3 MLB teams don’t have black players. Can baseball stop this trend?”. ┬áMy initial reaction to this was that is couldn’t be real. Someone had photoshopped what I was looking at because the first time I saw it was when someone sent me a screen shot. So I headed over to the ESPN First Take Facebook page and there it was.


So according to First Take, the fact that three MLB teams don’t have a black player on their roster — and that is something I think someone should double check — is enough to call it a trend? Do they think their should be affirmative action in sports? How would that work out for a level playing field and how would you feel if your favorite team passed on the next LeBron James because according to their roster numbers, they needed another white guy?

If you read the comments, you can clearly see that 98% of the people agree that ESPN is one giant tub of shit. Not in those words, but you get the point. They post on social media like they have the thought process of a teenage girl, spewing whatever comes to mind without thinking about it.

What is even more shocking is that this post has been up for over 19 hours now and no one has taken it down. Naturally, this leads me to believe this man posted it and this man approved it confirming my gut feeling that yes, when you are at ESPN, you are surrounded by assholes.

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