Enemy of The Month



This month we think it is only fitting to have our Enemy of The Month be none other then the BCS system.  The BCS has failed us yet again this year.  Any system that can potentially have three undefeated teams at the end of the year doesn’t seem to exude efficiency.  Now I know there are some authors here at Thunder Treats who are fans of the current system and think it works best because every game matters.  Well chew on this, if every game matters so much then how can you go undefeated and not be a National Champion? If the games mattered that much and you win all your games shouldn’t you at least be playing for the National Championship?  Shouldn’t you at least get the chance to contend for a National Championship?  These teams are being pushed to the side just because they aren’t part of the Big Six conferences of the BCS, which as of late has looked more like a Big Four.  All of our lives while playing sports you are taught that if you win every game you are the best, first place, gold medal, numero uno and now it saddens me to say that there is one exception to this rule…The BCS system or as I refer to it the “Bullshit Computer System”.


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