Enemy of the Month: Seantrel Henderson


February’s Enemy of the Month is none other then Seantrel Henderson.  I’m sure many of you are aware that Seantrel recently chose to play college football for “Poop Stain” Lane and the USC Trojans.  The high profile and high maintenance offensive tackle from Minnesota picked the Trojans over the University of Miami and THE Ohio State Buckeyes, which I don’t find very amusing. Although Seantrel verbally committed to USC he has yet to sign the letter of intent. Ohio State, Miami, and the hometown Gophers are still pursuing Henderson so unless he changes his mind and decides to reside in Columbus, Ohio for the next four years then he will forever be known as Thunder Treats Enemy of the Month. It may be a little juvenile to pick on a high school student but since Seantrel could man handle the entire Thunder Treats staff we feel that warrants any harassment he may receive from us. So unless the name Seantrel Henderson is signed on a letter of intent to play football for Ohio State (not going to happen) then it’s open season on this prima donna.  

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